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What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue Salts are a group of minerals that should be present in the body for it to function optimally. Tissue Salts, also known as "Cell Salts" are the same minerals that are found in the earth's rocks and soil (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and silica). Tissue Salts occur naturally in the human body, which means that an imbalance or lack of certain ones opens the door to illness and disease. The key, therefore is to keep the body in perfect balance which is essential for complete health and wellness.


Why are Tissue Salts essential?

These minerals are essential because they create our physical foundations, they are the building blocks of our body, upon which all other nutrients depend on for healthy absorption and function. They help to distribute and assist the body to absorb and digest the bloods organic matter (fats, proteins, sugars and water). Tissue Salts unlock the cells, so that the cells are able to get the required minerals they need from food.


Benefits of Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts are used in the basic functioning of cells eg. fluid balance, digestion, removing toxins, elasticity of cells, oxygenation, nutrition, detoxifier, tissue strengthening, inflammation, nerves and muscles, pain and swelling, blood cleansing, cell building, acid removal and blood vessel strengthening etc.



Supplements produced from natural and plant-sourced ingredients at standardized, nutritionally effective levels.


Our bodies were designed to run on specific raw materials and they require routine maintenance. Countless things may enhance how we look or feel, but nutrients are essential. Unless we provide our bodies with these basic essentials, and perform the necessary maintenance, it is very difficult to sustain good health.


It all starts with the cells. A variety of food based nutrients is required to support healthy cells. Healthy cell are necessary to support healthy glands, organs, tissue, bones, fluids, blood and skin.


Healthy cells equals healthy tissue, healthy tissue equals healthy organs, healthy organs equals a healthy system and a healthy system equals a healthy body. 



Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years as a form of healing and medicine. A tea can be as simple as a single ingredient soaked in hot water or as complicated as a variety of different herbs specially blended to produce a particular effect.


The reason that tea is internationally valued as a vehicle for medicinal herbs is that it is perhaps the simplest way of getting all of the beneficial alkaloids in a plant into the system. When a herb is steeped in boiling water, plant leaves, seeds, stems, roots and flowers will release their essential oils, alkaloids and other compounds and the resulting beverage can then easily be consumed. This method is often a lot more palatable and easier on the digestive system.


Medicinal Tea benefits

Drinking herbal tea is highly recommended for people who want to naturally improve their health. Unlike coffee and standard tea, most herbal teas do not include caffeine. Most herbal teas offer some variety of antioxadnts, vitamins and other nutrients, but the specifics depend on the particular herbs and plants that you choose. Common health benefits include relaxing the body and mind, aiding sleep disorders,reducing inflammation, easing pain, protection against common illnesses, boosting the immune system, optimizing the digestive system, detoxifying the body and stimulating cognitive function. 

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids. While THC (tetrahydrocannabinnol) produces mind altering effects, CBD is the major non-psychoactive component of cannabis sativa.



CBD and THC are the two main compounds in the marijuana plant and they are the only two cannabinoids that have been well characterized to date. Many strains of marijuana are known for having abundant levels of THC and high - CBD strains are less common. Both compounds have important health benefits: THC has antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulating and anti-emetic properties. CBD has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, antioxidant, neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects. Another major difference between THC and CBD is that marijuana with high levels of THC is commonly used for its sleep-inducing effects, while CBD appears to promote wakefulness instead.


Benefits of CBD oil

* Relieves pain & inflammation

* Has antipsychotic effects

* Reduces anxiety

* Helps fight cancer

* Relieves nausea

* Helps treat seizures & other                   neurological disorders

* Lowers incidence of diabetes

* Promotes cardiovascular health

* Helps prevent Alzeimer's disease

* Helps treat acne


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What is Structured Water?

Structured water is water that has been purified energetically/vibrationally in order to neutralize toxins. Water can store energy and also frequencies, which means that.... water has memory.


Water in nature is usually structured. As it runs over rocks, curves and spins around corners it creates a vortex, which structures the water.


When water is structured it is re-balanced, just like in nature.


Another name for structured water is 'liquid crystalline water.' The living crystal water inside your body is the key to ultimate hydration, better nutrient absorption, improved brain activity, improved immune responses and longevity. Simply put, you are living water crystals. The more structured your system is, the slower your body degrades - the higher the degree of life in you - the longer you will live - and the fewer diseases you will develop.


Structured Water health benefits

* Excellent hydration - increases cell                   hydration by 300%

* Assists in the release & absorption of               vitamins & minerals.

* Restores the body's natural balance

* Strengthens healthy intestinal flora

* DNA strengthening

* Improves brain activity

* Boosts energy levels, improves general           health


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"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature."