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Tissue Salts Powder 300g (#1-12)
R 200.00

Lactose base mineral powder. For self-care and professional use. No.1 Calc. Fluor. (Restores Elasticity), No.2 Calc. Phos. (Cell Restorer), No.3 Calc. Sulph. (Shock Remedy), No.4 Ferrum. Phos. (Rescue Remedy), No.5 Kali. Mur. (Removes Congestion), No.6 Kali. Phos. (Relaxes Nerves & Mind), No.7 Kali. Sulph. (Cell Renewal), No.8 Mag. Phos. (Relaxes Muscles), No.9 Nat. Mur. (Redistributes Water), No.10 Nat. Phos. (Relieves Acidity), No.11 Nat. Sulph. (Removes Excess Fluid), No. 12 Silicea (Skin & Hair Remedy). r.