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Tissue Salts 120 Tablets (#13-27)
R 78.00
Low lactose base mineral tablets. For professional use only. No.13 Kali. Ars. (Skin Disorders), No.14 Kali. Brom. (Nerve Disorders), No.15 Kali. Iod. (Anxiety & Skin Disorders), No.16 Lith. Mur. (Removal), No.17 Mang. Sulph. (Formation Of Blood), No.18 Calc. Sulph. (Detoxify), No.19 Cuprum Ar. (CNS Disorders), No.20 Kali. Alum. Sulph. (Nerve Disorders), No.21 Zinc. Mur. (Immune System), No.22 Calc. Carb. (Metabolism), No.23 Nat. Bicarb. (Body Acid Balance), No.24 Ars. Iod. (Skin & Allergies), No.25 Aurum. Mur. Nat. (Body Rhythm), No.26 Selenium (Immune Booster), No.27 Kali. Bich. (Blood Sugar Metabolism).