Cheryl Koen

My journey into holistic wellness began in 2012 after I was diagnosed with cancer. Losing my entire family to cancer I knew that chemotherapy was not the answer, but unfortunately back then I had no knowledge of alternative methods. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that alternative methods even existed. Never the less, I was determined to find another way. I began searching, first on my knees, asking God to have the preeminence in my life.

In the mean time I began with chemotherapy, trusting that God will make another way. After my third dose of ‘chemo’ and literally feeling as though my life was fading, it was laid on my heart to stop. Then I was led to go back to nature, back to the beginning and back to the original. Not sure what this meant, I took a leap of faith and this is where a whole new world opened up for me. Although challenging at times and very lonely, I was determined to move forward and succeed.

I started researching. I spent months educating myself on natural methods of healing. I changed my lifestyle, my habits and my belief system. I started growing my own food, staying close to nature and eating food in its original form. I continued in this way for two years before having myself re-examined.

My results came back, and by the grace of God, I was cancer free. To me, this was confirmation that food in its original form is medicine. I was so delighted that I wanted to share what I had learned with all who would listen. This is where Belle Sante’ was born. Belle Sante’ is French for Beautiful Health. I became passionate about food as medicine and had a deep desire to teach and help others achieve wellness through better food choices and lifestyle. Believing that knowledge is power I continued with my research and later began attending seminars and wellness talks. This was not enough though to quench my thirst for knowledge so I eventually enrolled in a course to study alternative medicine.

Through this wealth of knowledge, I’m hoping to serve others better and by the Grace of God to be a blessing in the lives of those I’m privileged to work with.

My Journey